The Road to Fitness                      Bridging the Gap between Injury and Recovery

Stokewood Injury Clinic


Established by Debbie Crow RGG Dip, Itec, MSST in 2005, the clinic provides a wide range of Services aimed at reducing injury time and speeding up recovery time for the mature and professional athlete.


I provide successful treatment, management and rehabilitation of sports related injuries.


If you find your self suffering from aches and pains that you cannot explain, or if you have sustained an injury through the trials of life or the pressures of sports -  Something can be done to help the discomfort.


At the Stokewood Injury Clinic in Bournemouth, I can help you overcome your pain and get you back onto the Road to Fitness.


 Check out the Injuries page to see if your particular problem can be explained. Then review the Services page to understand the comprehensive list of treatments that I am able to offer.


If you are an existing or new Patient please use the Patient Log In to access our patients only area.


Here you will find links to our Clinic Newsletter, Forum, Chat Room facility and appointment calendar.


In the mean time, I look forward to speaking to you soon


Debbie - Stokewood Injury Clinic



The Stokewood Injury Clinic is a specialist Sports Therapist clinic based in Bournemouth, Dorset.

The Road to Fitness                      Bridging the Gap between Injury and Recovery

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The Stokewood Injury Clinic

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