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A Walk in Park


OTAGO – balance and falls prevention for the older person.


Having a fall can cause severe physical injury and a great deal of distress and anxiety. Otago training aims to help by focusing on measures to prevent this. A walking programme, along with 17 strength and balance exercises are given to preserve and improve strength, balance, competence, and confidence. Designed primarily for 65+, the exercises have proved a positive and fun way for all adults who are at risk of falling, to improve their balance and strength. 


The one to one 12 week progressive Balance Training Course is designed to be undertaken in your own home. If this isn’t possible, the sessions can also be carried out in the clinic.


Initial Assessment – 1hr - £45/Full medical history will be taken along with assessments to determine your suitability for the course.


30 mins x twice a week = £270

Two instalments can be taken within the 12 week course if necessary.

Senior Dance Club
Couple Walking
Senior Citizen Exercise Class
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